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Vanilla 7

Welcome to Vanilla 7, the Open Source BI Platform. Vanilla provides you all the necessary components to optimize business data processing from the source applications until final restitutions.
The Vanilla suite is composed of Java client applications which interact with the back-end applicative server.
Vanilla platform easily fits to every IT environments, thanks to the support of main SGBD, OS Windows & Unix and SSO process, Web Services, Soap...

Vanilla Functionnal Schema

Vanilla specificity: complete and powerful

Vanilla specificity stands in its cutting-edge components for developers, architects and administrators, that reduce the "prototype / development / production / maintenance" cycle for any kind of BI project.

Vanilla Specificities

Vanilla Metadata

- Our platform's strenght -

Benefits of Metadata

A strategy of joins and security for all levels of your analysis

This unique module on the BI market gives you the ability to create abstract business layers.

The creation of abstract business layers enables you to customize security precisely within your repository at every step of data analysing process with precize access rights.

Business data display

Every profession has its specificities. With Vanilla Metadata, the end user accesses to relevant and business-oriented data. In one word, he can only see the data granted for him.

Closer to end user

Metadata enables you to structure your data in many business layers through a simple and logical way, reducing the technical aspect of this step. Once for advanced users, this crucial step of the data processing is now accessible to everybody, understandable and efficient.

The metadata is a revolution in Business Intelligence world by offering a simple and innovative experience to the user.

You can now download this module, or contact us to get more informations.

Vanilla components

Vanilla Platform comes with all necessary tools to manage your data from your applicative softwares to the end user visualization.

Data management

Vanilla Gateway

Vanilla Gateway is the ETL component of the Vanilla suite. It enables to create and deploy ETL transformations which can be scheduled. Vanilla Gateway contains all the standard steps of ETL transformations and displays user screens for data stream conception and vizualisation.

Vanilla Workflow

Vanilla Workflow is the engine for creation and deployment of business processes. Vanilla Workflow contains all the standard steps and displays a user interface for business data stream conception and vizualisation and can manage ETL jobs.

Vanilla Architect

Vanilla Architect is the MDM (Master Data Management) component of the Vanilla platform. It contains a definition area for all rules on your data and centralize external data providers.

Vanilla Metadata

Vanilla Metadata is the tool for abstract business layers creation (equivalent to universes). It enables to define security and joins strategy with detailled settings. Data are displayed in a business environment for the reports, cubes or dashboards creators thanks to this metadata layer. Resources like prompts (dynamic filters on data) or filters are also offered in the Metadata layer.


Vanilla Plugin for Birt

Vanilla plugins for Birt enable to use Vanilla resources such as metadata for Birt report creation. These plugins also allow to insert html5 components (such as maps or charts) in the Birt reports. Birt reports are integrated in the Vanilla platform and Birt runtime is part of the centralized VanillaRuntime engine for a better performance.

Vanilla Dashboard

Vanilla Dashboard is the dashboards creation component. In this component, you can create performance dashboard (multi tabs or simple one) and insert interactive items : for instance, html5 charts and OSM maps, listboxes, textfields, pop-up or several graphs renders can be inserted in the dashboards.

Vanilla Analysis Designer

Vanilla Analysis Designer is the OLAP cubes creation component. It enables to create cubes from the datasource definition up to the final preview. UOlap (United Olap) developed by BPM-Conseil offers more functionnalities than standard cubes runtimes such as dynamic agregation or cache use.

Vanilla Web Modules

Vanilla Portal

Vanilla Portal is the Web Application of the Vanilla platform for end-users. With secured authentification (SSO process), the users ,according to their rights, can access to the following services :

  • Run objetcs stored in the repository (restitutions as reports, cubes and dashboards)
  • Access to the WEB modules
  • Access to EDM
  • User customization (Watchlist, Last used, Open on startup...)
  • Access to an intern browser search for EDM
  • Alerts management
  • Automatisation management : run automatically workflows,reports or ETL...

Vanilla Metadata Explorer

Vanilla Metadata Explorer is the Web module of the Vanilla server for Metadata browsing and analysis. Metadata Explorer enables users to query their metadata models directly from the Vanilla Portal interface, export results with several formats, create a multidimensional OLAP model, display charts and apply datamining algorithms with graphical renders.

Vanilla WebReport

Vanilla WebReport is the Web module of the Vanilla server for Web reports creation. Thanks to a user-friendly interface, users can create their own reports based on the metadata layers available in the repository. Drag & drops and sliders enable to easily deploy reports. Preview is available at design time and before exporting reports on the repository.

Vanilla Analysis

Vanilla Analysis is the Web tool for running Olap Cubes. Built to take the best of UnitedOlap engine, it allows you to create your own queries, select how to display the results and browse the results with the integrated tools.

Vanilla KPI - Key Performance Indicator

Consisted of 4 main modules, Vanilla KPI offers a global management of KPIs : from design to the visualization (charts, maps) passing by the loading of data for the Key Performance Indicators (KPI).
You'll find more informations about this WEB suite here


Enterprise Services

Enterprise Services is the main administration component of the Vanilla suite. This module gives tools for repository administration, security settings and main setup configuration.


Norparena is the administration component for document management in Vanilla platform, forms definition and maps location settings.


Hypervision stands as an additional package to manage cluster of servers, get access to new ways for packages deployment between servers, get access to additional activity reports, create your tasks lists and get an overview of the runtime components or even configure your load-balancing policy.


Vanilla platform is certified by major technological actors of Big Data and alternatives data storage players.

Cloudera certification

Vanilla platform successfully passed Cloudera CDH 5 certification process !

Vanilla works with Hadoop power and Big Data platforms in order to provide data integration and use in every circomstances

Cloudera Certification

CDH is the world’s most widely deployed distribution of Apache Hadoop, both in commercial and non-commercial environments. In fact, a significant number of the Fortune 50 organizations run on Cloudera. With tens of thousands of nodes in production, Cloudera has established itself as the category leader and is setting the standard for Apache Hadoop in the enterprise. CDH5 is a 100-percent open source distribution that combines Apache Hadoop with other open source applications within the Hadoop stack to deliver advanced, enterprise-grade features. So if you are an organization that is trying to navigate the waters of how to best leverage analytics, our certification with Cloudera makes it easier for you to succeed in that effort.

The Cloudera Certified Technology program, makes it simpler for Apache Hadoop technology buyers to purchase the right cluster components and software applications to extract the most value from their data. Large enterprises adopt the Apache Hadoop platform to bring together and store all of those different kinds of data. More importantly, customers want to marry that with other technologies to be able to work with it and gain insights from it without any roadblocks. Clusters that leverage CDH5 alongside Vanilla ETL operate with reduced risk and have a lower total cost of ownership.

Hortonworks certification

The Hortonworks Certified Technology Program reviews and certifies technologies for architectural best practices, validated against a comprehensive suite of integration test cases, benchmarked for scale under varied workloads and comprehensively documented.

Certification Hortonworks

Hortonworks is a leading commercial vendor of Apache Hadoop, the open source platform for storing, managing and analyzing Big Data. Hortonworks Data Platform, our distribution of Apache Hadoop, provides an open and stable foundation for enterprises and a growing ecosystem to build and deploy Big Data solutions.

Hortonworks is the trusted source for information on Hadoop, and together with the Apache community, Hortonworks is making Hadoop an enterprise data platform. Hortonworks provides unmatched technical support, training and certification programs for enterprises, systems integrators and technology vendors.

Databricks certification

The Databricks company, founders of Spark, reviews and certifies technologies for architectural best practices, validated against a comprehensive suite of integration test cases, benchmarked for scale under varied workloads and comprehensively documented.

Certification Databricks

Databricks was founded out of the UC Berkeley AMPLab by the creators of Apache Spark. They’ve been working for the past six years on cutting-edge systems to extract value from Big Data. They believe that Big Data is a huge opportunity that is still largely untapped, and they’re working to revolutionize what you can do with it..

Apache Spark is 100% open source. Spark has one of the largest open source communities in Big Data, with over 400 contributors from 100+ organizations. Databricks works closely with the community to maintain this momentum.