Vanilla Loyalty Management

Vanilla for Loyalty Data

Loyalty Management Context

Despite the popularity of loyalty and incentive programs, many organizations have failed to increase the loyalty and value of their most important customers since they are unable to identify their most profitable customers and effectively drive desired behaviour. Constraints imposed by fragmented data, single point solutions, heavy reliance on IT and inflexible costly legacy systems make it difficult to gain an accurate view of key customers and their behaviours, bring differentiated incentives and rewards to market quickly, and ensure a superior multi-channel member experience.

Vanilla Loyalty Management uniquely solves these challenges through a comprehensive, packaged and fully integrated application for managing the complete loyalty program lifecycle. Vanilla Loyalty Management includes a database designed for Loyalty Analysis, an abstract business layers (Meta data), numerous reports (tables, charts, cross tabs etc…), multidimensional cubes, and performance dashboard.

Loyalty Management Data Area

  • Customers Profiles
  • Transactions
  • Earn Information
  • Data Appends
  • Media Response

Key Benefits

  • Increase profitability by identifying, developing and retaining most valuable customers
  • Increase competitive advantage and results through innovative and differentiated offerings
  • Improve and personalize customer experience across channels
  • Minimize attrition and increase the value and duration of your most important customer
  • Reduce the number of “one and done” customers
  • Consistently recognize, support and reward customers based on value in real-time and at every touchpoint, including POS
  • Improve customer insight and loyalty program performance measurement
  • Accelerate roll-out of new offers, promotions and partners
  • Reduce operating costs by automating loyalty management business processes


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