waiting till .exe execution completed in workflow

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waiting till .exe execution completed in workflow

hello i am newbie....

I am working on vanilla Workflow, but i m facing problem in sequencing the task....workflow intiate execution of task in the sequence but doesnt wait for the completion of task.


first .exe file is initiated and without completion of .exe file execution next batch file execution is initiated.

i want the next execution after completion of previous component task...


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Hi Sneha,

Welcome to Vanilla ;) Be free to use the contact form, if you want more info on the Vanilla Platform.

Unfortunately when you work with the "executable box" in a workflow, it doesn't wait the full execution of the file as we can't catch up the end. For all other boxes, the system will wait untill the end of the subtask.

What you can do, is to put a timer box so the workflow wait for the time you estimate the subtask will take.

Hope this will help you.