Data4Citizen 20.11

Mon, 11/23/2020 - 08:11 -- admin

Lyon, November 23, 2020

Data4Citizen 20.11

Data4Citizen, the fastest growing Open Data infrastructure, was officially released today. Data4Citizen version 20.13 includes the following new features :

Functional improvements and new features

  • Management and Display of Metadata
    • Update of the information sheet for each dataset, with many new metadata (producer, source data, mentions and rights, frequency, etc.)
    • Possibility to choose the display order of the columns in the tables
    • Possibility to display the rows of the table in "portrait" mode
  • Export and download:
    • Possibility to filter the columns available in the API
    • Ability to filter the columns available in downloads
  • Harvesting of a data set: possibility to modify the parameters of an existing harvest (frequency, filter value)
  • Setting up colors for routes in Gtfs files

Technical improvements and technical novelties

  • Improvement of the performance of the extension "parameterization of data sets" (removal of complete preloading)
  • Infrastructure
    • Platform Validation with Drupal 9 (however, the SaaS versions remain in Drupal 8.9 pending the porting of existing extensions)
    • Support of the "White label" widget on many CMS (Liferay, WordPress, Typo3, Exo, Jalios, Joomla)
    • Support for WordPress 5 in addition to Drupal 8 & 9: data visualization page (excluding configuration plugins)

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