Vanilla component download and integration

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Vanilla component download and integration

To have a “performance management” module as part of our data warehouse implementation, we would like to know which component from Vanilla should be used.


Key features of Performance Management required are:

  •          Define hierarchy, for example: Organization -> Operating Companies (an organization can have multiple companies) -> Departments -> Partners -> Employee (team). The component should have the capability add / modify any component of this hierarchy
  •          Define: “Targets” at each level of this hierarchy and input / upload “Actuals” against these targets


So we would like to use a Vanilla component which has screens (UI) already built to do the above mentioned. We would then plug these screens into our BI product, and using these screens -> we should be able to define hierarchies, input Targets (Actuals will come from our data sources) data for BI reporting.


We were suggested that FreeMetrics and some other Vanilla components can be used to ahieve the above requirement, but we could not download FreeMetrics platform, can we have a GTM with the technical team to understand details of the following:

  •          How / where to download the component (as mentioned above the component is not available in the list of downloads)?
  •          Steps to deploy the required component(s)
  •          How to design the hierarchies, assign “Targets” (as “Actuals” will come from the data we import in our data warehouse).
  •          And finally how to integrate the hierarchies and targets defined in our data warehouse.


Note: we only need the component which has screens (UI), to be integrated in our BI solution. And with these screens integrated, we should be able design hierarchies and define targets.