Repository / Dashboard Packaging and Deployment

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Repository / Dashboard Packaging and Deployment

Hi. I'm relatively new to the Vanilla Platform. My company is interested in using the Vanilla Platform for its Dashboard interfaces (among other reasons). With that in mind, we were trying to figure out the best way to "deploy" dashboards (and potentially whole repositories) to other sites (clients). The Package Manager in Enterprise Services seemed to show some promise (Minor note: import / export is still in French...). However, even though I set all groups for 'Available for groups' in the Import process, the files are marked unavailable in 'Content' under the 'Group Management' tab. So, then in order to get all the files to work again / show up on the Server, I need to go one-by-one and mark them available to the groups.


* What is the best way to transfer dashboards / repositories from different sites?

Bugs / Fixes / Improvements Desired (?):
* Package Manager Options Still in French (I believe I set to English...everything else is...)
* Availability Permissions Are Not Saved in the Import Package process.
* Availability Permissions Should Be Able To Set Recursively / Apply to All Selected